Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My life at the moment

I am so unmotivated and whiney when I'm hot. I know it can't be true but it really seems like this is the hottest summer yet, and it's only the 1st of July. I have not been able to motivate my self to do much of anything past 10 in the morning, I'm pretty sure a tornado has gone through my house and the sign that hangs by my door that says " Excuse the mess, my children are making memories" just isn't making me feel better about the situation. The laundry is begging my attention but my biggest problem as the time nears 5:00 is that I haven't started dinner, and even as I sit here procrastinating I'm thinking I would love to be lying in bed under a fan. Texas is just hot in the summer! and even in my air conditioned house I can't escape it. I know I can't put it off forever but I'll try for at least a little while.

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