Monday, July 20, 2009


So I was in line at Walmart tonight, doing my weekly shopping trip, and I think I might have come across someone more frugal at grocery shopping than Janette. I was the third person in a line that didn't seem to be going anywhere so I grabbed a magazine and made myself comfortable. I figured Hey, why not enjoy this time? When I finished browsing my second magazine I realized... I haven't moved yet. So I got nosy and checked out what was going on. There was a woman at the front of my line with about 8 different sales ads. She was price-matching EVERYTHING in her cart. At first I was impressed, then I became curious- does she drive to pick up all those store ads- I'm assuming she lives in the same vicinity I do and I only recieve 3 ads a week. That's when I began to question the frugality of it all. The question became... would it be worth it? Mostly because the other stores are not anywhere in our area. I didn't have to think to much about it because I "overheard" that her total was only a whopping $ 22.00 after price matching and adding coupons. She walked away with a full cart of groceries!
Now, that is amazing. I almost handed her a business card, but I didn't have any on me. Of course I would have been more impressed if I hadn't stood behind her in line for almost 30 minutes. Janette, I think I have found your match!

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  1. Hey, where I live I get about 6 a week in the mail for free. So then if I had a newspaper too, I could easily have 8 ads without driving anywhere. Maybe she lived near me!