Monday, August 17, 2009

A shopping Frenzie

We'll I could have posted pictures about my 3 hour long marathon at Kroger this past Saturday... But after 3 hours of shopping I basically just tossed the groceries in the kitchen and let the family put them away- so no pics. Maybe Janette took some of hers. But I can tell you that it was truly an experience. I went with my buddy and neighbor Jessica at 6:30 in the morning- but believe me we were not the first there. We joined the cult of other avid coupon shoppers with thier binders and folders. We carefully shopped every aisle looking for the best deals. It was a lot more fun going with a friend, we could discuss whether something was actually a good deal or not. My total bill started at $77.00 and after coupons went to $34.00 I would call that a successful trip. And I was able to buy most of my groceries for the week. Very exciting.

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