Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rules for Becoming a Bargain Shopper

If you are serious about frugal living and just cutting costs in general, there are some tried and true rules to live by.

1. Nothing is a Bargain if you don't need it.
It doesn't matter how cute the item is, or how cheap the item is, or if you will one day find a use for it. You are still spending your hard earned money on something that you just don't need.

2. Creativity can save you money.
Instead of spending money on movies, check them out at the library or go to local film festivals. Save money by carpooling, or biking to work. Make your own diaper wipes or disinfectant wipes. Be creative and see what money-saving techniques you come up with.

3. Hunt down all the money saving benefits you're entitled to.
If you are a senior, military member, veteran, educator, firefighter, police officer, clergy member,EMT, government worker, student... You may be entitled to a discount at restaurants, amusement parks, theaters, museums and many other places.

4. Always ask for a deal. It can't Hurt.
I'm a big fan of Dave Ramsey and he believes first, in paying cash for all purchases, and he says that with the power of cash on your side you can almost always ask and get a better deal. I recently tried this with a medical bill. I had a large outstanding amount and called them and asked them if they would settle with me for two hundred dollars less than the bill if I paid them the rest up front. They happily obliged.
Also if you belong to any membership clubs check with them to see what kind of discounts your entitled to. If you upgrade with any security measures on your house or car, check with your insurance carrier to see if you qualify for a discount.

Bottom line, always negotiate when appropriate and a little common sense can save you time and money.

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